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Loren & JR Ridinger: Our Interview with Mayor Philip Levine on SiriusXM Radio

Mayor Levine Loren JR MAWC 2017 Day 1 IMG_1402

JR and I were thrilled when we recently had the opportunity to chat live on XM Radio with the Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip Levine. We’ve known him for years and getting the chance to sit down and talk entrepreneur life is always a special treat, especially on his Sirius radio show. He loves to talk with amazing Floridians doing great things and we were honored to be included in that circle and to share our story of building a business.

Mayor Levine Loren JR MAWC 2017 Day 1 IMG_1402

Our Interview with Mayor Philip Levine on SiriusXM

We jumped right into the interview, with JR getting down to business explaining to the Mayor where his mindset was at before he started Market America.

Here’s what JR had to share: 25 years ago, I was frustrated in my marketing role and came up with this idea. If you knew what your customers wanted, you could ship products directly. In other words, matching product to people and people to product.

I was afraid to do it, Loren believed in me enough – I took the jump.

How did the actual business go from an idea to a company? Here’s what JR had to say:

I created a model and called it Unfranchise – like a franchise, but not a franchise – basically, we eliminated the risk of starting a business. As it evolved and as the web evolved, we developed it into a turnkey online shopping business.

The entrepreneur promotes the site and do the customer care and they get a residual income. At Market America, we call that the shopping annuity, basically cashback. A piece of the margin builds up into a bank account and the business owner gets a regular check. Just by simply recommending products, they earn money from it.

What’s the best selling product?

OPC3 – number one selling product 25 years later. Same vitamin – 25 years later.

And, how did you Loren, get into the cosmetics business?

Always inspired by my mother’s love for beauty products – in awe of her. It always amazed me how makeup and products empowered her to feel better about herself inside and out. JR noticed how much money I was spending on cosmetics to feel that same way and he said, “Why don’t you just make your own products exactly the way you want them?” So I did, and It just grew.

Mayor Levine is a big supporter of our businesses and other Florida residents who are getting out there and turning their passions into careers. We were thrilled to get to talk with him about the origins of Market America and how it’s grown over the years. That was just a sneak peek, for he full replay of the broadcast, click below.