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Why Negative Thoughts Are Lies

Why Negative Thoughts Are Lies, negative thoughts thoughts, negativity, positive thoughts

Your thoughts are so powerful. What you think influences how you live and what you feel. JR and I are big believers that you become what you think. That’s why we encourage entrepreneurs to think positive thoughts. We want you to live the life of your dreams, so we want you to focus on what you want over what you don’t want. I believe that negative thoughts are lies. They make us feel terrible, and that terrible feeling is unharmonious with the way you should live. Read on to learn why I believe that your negative thoughts are truly lies that do more harm than good.

Why Negative Thoughts Are Lies

You’re Meant to Feel Good- I believe that you’re meant to feel good at all times. You weren’t meant to come to Earth to live out a sad, miserable existence. You were meant to live out your purpose. Think about it, when you have negative thoughts, you feel miserable, and things feel like they’re at a standstill. When you’re happy and think positive thoughts, life moves at a much more rapid pace because you feel good. Try to notice this for yourself.

You Are Not Your Thoughts- We tend to believe that we are our thoughts. You’re not annoyed because someone may have told you something rude. You’re a human in a state of being experiencing annoyance. When you can identify the emotion rather than being in a state over something, you can overcome it.

Negative Thoughts are Sabotaging- When you realize that negative thoughts are lying to you and just sabotaging you, you’ll find that you can identify them and choose better feeling thoughts rather quickly. When you’re thoughts make you feel bad, know that they aren’t true. Why? Again, you’re meant to feel good. Life is not a struggle. I believe this to be true as much as I believe in my own success and yours as well.


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