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Why Couples Should Exercise Together

Why Couples Should Exercise Together | Loren's World

According to Psychology Today, the couple that sweats together, stays together. Aside from being a benefit to your physical bodies, setting aside time to exercise with your partner can greatly enhance the qualities that make your relationship strong and long-lasting. So the next time you plan a date with your other half, keep in mind that a hike, bike ride, yoga class, or laps at the pool may be perfectly acceptable ways of releasing endorphins together and sharing a pleasant couple of hours.  Read ahead to learn more about keeping your relationship healthy on all accounts.

Why Couples Should Exercise Together | Loren's World

Why Couples Should Exercise Together

Motivation – If you need a push to get moving, having your spouse around is the best motivation. If one of you isn’t feeling up to the task, the other can be there to encourage you to get to it!

Encouragement – If you’re having trouble getting through those reps or finishing your laps, it helps to have someone there who genuinely believes you can do it.

Time Together – Even if it’s just for one solid hour, exercise can be a great way to get together once a day despite crazy schedules and work/life obligations.

Increased Sensuality – Regular exercise helps improve blood flow, leading to healthier bedroom activities – a clear benefit for both parties involved!

Getting to Know Each Other Better – Swapping workout ideas can be a great way to bond. Trying out each other’s interests is yet another way to share perspectives and get to know each other better. Take turns choosing workout ideas, just as you would picking out movies, and honor each other’s choices.

Do you work out with your other half? What kinds of activities work for you?



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