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Why Bullying Needs to Stop

Here is my reason for why bullying needs to stopBullying destroys the spirit and kills life – the lives of our innocent, precious children.  I find it difficult to sit through news reports for fear of hearing one more thing about children being bullied to the point of homeschooling or suicide.  My heart breaks for children, teens, and their families who endure bullying by their peers.  Have we become a world that is so rigid that we are not willing to accept or tolerate differences?  Why are we not instilling in our children that it is okay to be unique?  I often feel that we no longer value life or love.

Many people reach out to me via Twitter and email about why bullying needs to stop, what I think about bullying, and how to handle such a strong act of hatred.  My message to anyone dealing with bullying is to realize that people who bully see something in you that they lack within themselves.  I constantly go back to the importance of self love.  Deep down, the bullying is not about you, but the lack of self love, confidence, and respect the bully has for themselves. I believe in you and your ability to rise above the sadness you are feeling to become something great.  You are never alone in this journey and if you are struggling with bullying, please reach out to a parent or mentor before it goes too far.  Do not suffer in silence and do not be afraid to speak up.

Bullying is the new epidemic that is killing our young people and we have to become more active parents and communities.  To stop bullying for good it’s important to become involved with what is happening in our schools and online.  Bullying is a senseless act of ignorance that is costing us our children!  One child lost is one too many and if we don’t take a stand for our kids, then who will?  What will you do to stop bullying?



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