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What To Plant In The Month of June

With ample amounts of sunlight that we have this month combined with the warmer air, it’s easy to start thinking about sprucing up one’s garden. Some bright new bulbs to add to the vegetation mix, not to mention the much needed touches of green. Whether you’ll be opting for just a few types of plants or perhaps starting your very own veggie garden and whether you have a small flowerbox in the middle of the city or a huge piece of land in the country; knowing what to plant when in your garden is key.  In he month of June you many options:

If your big plans this year are to start the veggie garden of your dreams, June is actually the perfect to do it. No matter if you’re going from seed or starts, you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised by how happy your crop will be in that warm June soil. Try beans, edamame, beets, squash, carrots, chard, cucumbers and even salad mix for a garden that will fill your table all summer long. Accent all of those delicious vegetables with herbs like sage, thyme, basil, oregano and chives. All will thrive after a June planting.

While June is really a great month for getting that long sought after vegetable garden growing, there’s a pretty wide range of flowers that love a June planting too. All those annuals that often start to decline toward late summer will thrive in August when planted in June. Try sunflowers, nasturtiums, marigolds, zinnias and cosmos just to get that rainbow going in your back yard.

If a fruit garden is more your speed, June is actually still a good time to plant fruit trees like peach, pear and apple – but don’t forget to ask your local garden shop if you need two varieties for proper pollination.

Have you decided that this is the year you start a garden? The clock is ticking – what have planted so far?


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