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What Scares You? Get Out of Your Comfort Zone NOW

Ah, the comfort zone. It’s a nice cozy area where you get to kick back and live your life. That is, until things get boring and you realize you’ve been far too comfortable for far too long. It’s important to do things that scare you once in a while. Life truly happens once you get out of that comfort zone. Below are some interesting ways to help you get out of your comfort zone. It’s a whole new year, ladies. It’s time to try something new!


Try It Out- Write a list of five things you want to try but never had the guts to do. Maybe it could be taking an art class or riding a skateboard. Write them down and try them out.

Open Mic Night- Perform some type of public speaking, like signing up for an open mic night. Maybe even perform a comedy sketch. Sounds terrifying, right?

Travel By Yourself- Plan a trip for you and you alone. Don’t wait for anyone to join you, just go for it! It’ll definitely get you out of that comfort zone.

Explore an Area- What city or town do you live in? It doesn’t matter. Take the time to explore an area you’ve never had the chance to explore. Take a day trip and enjoy the sites. Go for it!

Go to a Restaurant By Yourself- Doing things on your own give you a chance to explore life on your own terms. Go ahead and enjoy that restaurant you’ve been dying to try. It’ll be something new you’ve never done before.

What Scares You?- Choose a fear and confront it head on. For some, it could be heights. Why not try skydiving for a change. It could make an interesting story for your friends.


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