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Ways To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you feeling overwhelmed or stressed? Let’s be honest feeling overwhelmed stinks and sure doesn’t make you feel good. It’s actually suffocating. Being overwhelmed can leave you feeling like you’re submerged in quicksand and you’re watching yourself sink deeper. It clouds your mind, feeling unfocused leaving you with little more than a zombie existence until you’re able to snap out of it. But how do you to do it? How do you stop feeling overwhelmed? Here is a good article found that will help you stop feeling overwhelmed.

1. Get Some Sleep: Everyone loves to sleep right? Life is always better after you’ve gotten some Z’s. I am a big fan of 20 minute power naps. I look at naps as if you’re restarting your computer. It’s always better to start over with a fresh mind.

2. Laugh Like a Crazy Person: Watch your favorite movie, hang around funny people do anything and everything that makes you laugh. Within in no time you’ll feel distressed and less overwhelmed.

3. Talk the Walk
Go for a walk with your best friend and hash it out. The combination of endorphins, friendship, and bringing your thoughts from your head to your mouth will culminate and leave you feeling much better.

4. Hit the Breaks
Change your plans so that you have time to regroup. Make it a lazy family night one of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed and stressed is to play a card game called Shang Hai with my daughter Amber and friends. Change your mindset about the personal expectations of the next 24 hours in order to reset yourself.

5. I Scream, You Scream: This is not a tip about eating a large ice cream sundae, although I’ve never known that to hurt. Instead, go to a place of solitude (the car is a good choice) and scream at the top of your lungs. It feels awesome

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