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Tips for Your Deepest Relaxation Yet

Tips for Your Deepest Relaxation Yet, relaxation, loren, loren ridinger, relaxation, relax

My life can get hectic, so when it comes to relaxation I’m an expert. After flights or long work weeks, I like to have some time to myself so I take my relaxation time seriously. Don’t mess around when it comes to self-care, people! I’m big on mindfulness meditation. It helps calm my body and mind while forcing me to focus on one thing. Is there something that you do to relax? Let me know in the comments. If you’re looking for something that works for you, then read on!

Tips for Your Deepest Relaxation Yet

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Prepare Your Space- Choose a space where you’re not going to be bothered for 10 to 15 minutes. Find a comfortable spot and slip into some soft, loose-fitting clothing. I like to lie on a yoga mat. For some reason laying flat on my back gives me optimal relaxation. I also light a soothing candle to help get me in the mood.

Listen- When I really want to relax, I listen to super soothing music. I calm my breathing and make sure I can hear every note. Relaxation is all about mindfulness for me.

Visualization Techniques- When mindful listening doesn’t work, I focus on my happy place. I oftentimes think of warm beaches. I also like listening to recordings of guided visualization to get me through.

Write- One great technique for a super relaxed mind is journaling. Get your feelings out there. Letting everything off your chest can be so cathartic.

Weighted Blanket- When all else fails, try out a weighted blanket. This is especially helpful for those with anxiety to calm down. These types of blankets provide a light weighted pressure that relaxes the nervous system. It’s definitely worth a shot.


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