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The Relationship Detox: Three Questions to Ask Yourself

If you’re in a period of transition right now, things can feel a little intense. You’re working on yourself and going through the steps to change but there’s just something that doesn’t feel right. Not sure what it is? It could be your relationships. You may be working to improvement yourself but those around you are staying the same and it’s not longer suiting your needs. That’s okay! People come in and out of our lives for a reason. If you aren’t sure whether your relationships are working, ask yourself the following questions.

The Relationship Detox: Three Questions to Ask Yourself

  1. Would we have a good relationship if I didn’t reach out first?- If you feel like you’re the one initiating plans and or texting first thing in the morning, you could be dependent on this relationship. Or, this person isn’t meeting you half way. If you feel like things would change if you stopped reaching out first, it may be time to consider whether this relationship is meant for you.
  2. How do I feel after I hang out?- When you hang out you feel light and happy afterwards. That’s great! You feel supported and loved! That’s the way things should feel. If you feel weighed down or insecure, consider a relationship detox. Put up boundaries. If this person can’t understand why you’re putting distance between you, then they aren’t respecting you and your boundaries-that’s a no-no.
  3. How do we show up for each other?- If you’re at every event they host, pick up every call you get from this person but get very little in return, then something is up. Don’t be afraid to cut this person loose. You deserve someone who will meet you half way!

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