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The Game You Play to Bring on Your Manifestations

When manifesting, it’s essential to keep your vibes high. You sort of have to go with the flow. The trick to manifestations to set an intention, keep your vibes up, heal yourself from any trauma, and be present. You’re not supposed to know how and when things are going to happen for you. That’s like predicting the future! Are you a psychic? Thought so! You’re meant to let to universe do the work while you relax and watch things unfold. Back when JR and I were starting out, we’d like to imagine all the positive possible outcomes. We’d talk about the business taking off and how we’d live our dream lives. Putting a positive spin on any situation helps to make it better and more manageable. If you feel like you have an impossible goal, telling yourself that you can make it happen makes it more believable and therefore easier to achieve. Agree or disagree?

The Game You Play to Bring on Your Manifestations

If you agree then I want you to play a game with me that helps make manifesting all the more fun for you! It’s called the “wouldn’t it be nice” game. I learned it from the original manifesting gurus and spirit guides, Abraham Hicks. All you have to do is say “wouldn’t it be nice if….” and let your imagination go wild. Stay positive throughout. “Wouldn’t it be nice if I won a bunch of dresses from my favorite designer?” “Wouldn’t it be nice if I earned $100,000 by the end of the year.” Don’t let the word “no” play into this. Just have fun and get playful with the universe. See what happens.


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