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The Do’s & Don’ts of Your Social Media Profile

The Do's & Don'ts of Your Social Media Profile | Loren's World

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s important to keep your social media profile looking cleaned up and professional, than the answer is – you absolutely should. If you’re currently in the market for a new job, looking for your next promotion, trying to make sales on your internet business, or simply have your networking feelers out there, it’s time to make sure your social media profiles are up to par. My brother Steve and I talked about it a bit during MAWC in February, discussing exactly how crucial it is to make a good impression online. But here, I’m offering a more detailed breakdown that I hope will  help you. Keep reading for the do’s and don’ts of your social media profiles.

The Do's & Don'ts of Your Social Media Profile | Loren's World

Do’s & Don’ts of Your Social Media Profile

Do – Highlight what makes you unique. What is it that sets you apart from all the other job applicants out there? Have you had an incredible volunteer experience or have to traveled the world? Perhaps you put yourself through school or even have an incredible and unique talent. Whatever it is that sets you apart – showcase those skills and talents.

Do – Actively use your accounts. If you’re on social media, use it! Rather than having your social profiles sit silent, get on there and engage. It’s the first step in creating an excellent and extensive network.

Do – Have someone else take a quick look at your profiles for grammar. Are you seeking a job that requires good writing or editing skills? Don’t absentmindedly leave your social profiles hanging with poor spelling or grammar.

Do – Join groups and communities related to the industry you work in or are interested in. Taking an active role in the industry shows your interest in the field and your willingness to learn more.

Don’t – Post images of your big nights out at the bar. Leave the party time to private profiles or as inside jokes between friends. The last thing you need is a prospective employer thinking you’re more focused on the party than on furthering your career.

Don’t – Make negative or nasty comments about your current or previous employer – or anyone for that matter! Leave that for private conversations, not social media. Same goes for making offensive comments in general – social media just isn’t the place for that.

Do – Keep it positive! When you have the opportunity to comment on your job or previous roles and teams, take social as the opportunity to be encouraging and positive.

Don’t – Sit idle. If you’re simply going to create accounts and skip all the work that goes into it, you’re leaving a potential employer with a poor impression of you and your capabilities. Get in there start a conversation and make connections – that is what it’s for, after all.

Do – Give a succinct but thorough career history and a good synopsis of what your day-to-day is like now. People really do want to know.

Do you use social media in your professional life? Got any additional tips to share?



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