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The Dating Trick That Will Make You a Successful Date

dating trick

It’s no secret that dating is complicated. My single friends are always complaining about the dating scene. It seems like no one’s meeting in real life, and finding a date on an app feels impossible. When they do finally meet up, first dates are awkward and hard to navigate. Sounds like dating in 2019 is no fun! If you’re single and looking to mingle, I want you to use a very important dating trick that’ll make you a successful date in 2020. It’s called listening.

The Dating Trick That Will Make You a Successful Date

Mindful dating expert, Nikki Novo, says it’s the number one way to fix all those awkward and terrible dates. According to her, “listening is a superpower,” and lists three reasons why!

  1. Listening forces you to be present so you calm down. When your in the present moment, it’s usually when you’re in use of one of your senses. When your listening, you’re using hearing so you can slow down a bit, and let go of your anxieties. Just focus on hearing what your date has to say. How great is that?
  2. Your date will love it. Nikki says “listening is the greatest gift you can give another person.” I can’t help but agree. Millions of people on this planet are currently in talk therapy because they don’t feel heard. When someone feels heard they open up, and get vulnerable with you.
  3. When you listen, you’re third eye is a little more open so you can spot those red flags you wouldn’t have otherwise. Open your ears and listen and those red flags will pop up no matter how good-looking your date it!

Are you ready to listen up? Let me know how it goes on your next date in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.


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