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Stupid Cupid: Foolproof​ Ways to Get Over Someone

Stupid Cupid: Foolproof​ Ways to Get Over Someone

It’s no secret that breakups are tough. The good news is that every person who’s been through a difficult breakup has come out the other side stronger and better than ever. If you’re going through it right now, that’s okay! You’re hurting, but it’s all going to be worth it. Hold on, because the right person or situation is coming your way. Read on for some foolproof ways to get over someone when stupid cupid breaks your heart again.

Stupid Cupid: Foolproof​ Ways to Get Over Someone

Get the Negative Emotions Out- At the beginning of a breakup, your negative emotions are going to reign strong. I want you to try to let them out. Keeping emotions bottled isn’t healthy mentally or physically. My suggestion? Write in a journal or try EFT. This will help you to get the negative emotions out of your system so you can start to feel better.

Be Grateful- I know it’s hard, but I want you to take some time to find reasons why you and your ex were together for so long. Even though you’re angry and you’re hurting, stay strong, and try to find reasons why you’re grateful for the relationship. Doing this will bring you a new perspective and remind you how far you’ve come.

Don’t Go BackGoing back in never an option! Stay strong. When you go back, it might hit you harder. Don’t be afraid to delete them from social media or delete their number so you won’t drunk dial if it gets to that. You know what they say! Out of sight, out of mind.

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