Stop Making Excuses by Loren Ridinger


Stop making excuses by Loren Ridinger.  With every excuse you make the choice to fail.  The number one reason people never see success is because they make excuses!  Not enough money to start your own business?  Too difficult to eat healthy?  Can’t find time for studying?  Stop making excuses and start making things happen.  You can be an entrepreneur without a big bank account.  You can learn how to cook healthy meals.  You can budget your time to study and get good grades.


The best way to stop making excuses is to recognize what is happening and make an effort to do better.  Being successful isn’t as hard as you think because so few people really try.  Every negative thought or comment chips away at your confidence and holds you in place, never moving forward.  Sitting around waiting for your life to change without putting in the hard work is the biggest mistake you can make.

Stop making excuses for yourself and start getting things done.  Stop complaining and start moving.  Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start remembering how blessed you are.  Get out of your own way, stop taking the easy route, and start paving your own path to success!



MAIC2022: Official Agenda

We’ve poured so much effort and energy into this year’s agenda at #MAIC2022 to ensure it’s the most impactful and empowering event we’ve ever hosted.

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