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Step Up Your Dating Game in 2020

Step Up Your Dating Game in 2020

You’ve been dating regularly, but it’s been going—well, poorly. You can’t seem to settle down with anyone, and no one seems interested in you. Feeling frustrated? I don’t blame you! Read on for some tips to help you step up your dating game in 2020.

Step Up Your Dating Game in 2020

Raise Your Standards- If you drop everything, just to answer their texts, take a moment. Is this person really worth your time? You know what I mean. Do you think this person drops everything for you? Are they communicative? Maybe take a moment. Don’t reach out first. You’re a commodity—show them. Boundaries are normal. Use them when it comes to dating in 2020.

Have a Life- Seriously! When someone is too available to you, it’s such a turn-off–the same goes for when you’re available all the time. Find yourself some hobbies, or try to make new friends. Make yourself a priority in your life, so you seem a little more mysterious to the people that you date. Seem busy by becoming busy and watch your life become more fulfilled.

Try Sober Dating- I know, but hear me out. When drinking on dates, we tend to make decisions about people we normally wouldn’t make. It also amplifies feelings. Try a coffee or a brunch date! Go on a bike ride. Make things more interesting without bringing alcohol into the equation.

Be Your Best Self- Think of a situation where your best self comes out. Could it be a game night or Topgolf? Doing this takes the pressure off and makes you feel like you’re on top of your game. It gives you a chance to be more present, so you’re more aware of what your guy brings to the table.


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