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Self-Care: Signs You Need to Take a Break

Self-Care: Signs You Need to Take a Break, stressed, stressed woman, need a break, self care, self love

I believe that hard work and believing in yourself and two of the most critical aspects of becoming an entrepreneur. At the same time, I think that self-care is essential for you as a woman. We all need time for ourselves, so when work gets in the way of your health and your sanity, it’s time for a break. Read on for some signs that mean it’s time to take a break.

Self-Care: Signs You Need to Take a Break

You Find Yourself Distracted- Find yourself checking social media every two seconds? Checking out cat videos on YouTube? If you’re purposely finding excuses not to get work done, you might be a little burnt out.

You Make Mistakes Left and Right- A mistake here, and there is one thing, but significant careless errors that could be fixed by looking over your work can be a problem! Mistakes could be a sign that you don’t care as much as you should or that you’re overworked. Call in for some days off.

A Feeling of Dread Comes Over You Every Morning-  Wake up feeling nauseous or miserable? Don’t want to start work, to begin with? Your body may be trying to tell you something. It’s time you listen to it.

You Look Haggard- Those circles under your eyes are there for a reason. You need your eight hours. Working hard is important but so is rest. Staying up late to get everything done isn’t worth your health.

You Resent Your Job- You’re starting to hate your boss, and every word that comes out of your coworker’s mouth annoys you. What to do? If you find yourself complaining about your coworkers and your boss, call out sick for a much needed personal day.


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