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Rice Krispies and The Salvation Army Launch #TreatsforToys

Have you heard about this fabulous holiday program with Rice Krispies? When I found out what they’re doing in Canada this season I just had to let my readers know. Rice Krispies has pledged that for every treat made with their cereal this December, The Salvation Army will donate $20 to buy toys for children in need across Canada. It’s fantastic and a beautiful way to support your community (and anyone can help!). Here’s how it works:

Rice Krispies and The Salvation Army Launch #TreatsforToys

  1. Make some holiday treats using Rice Krispies. You can use your own recipe or find one here.
  2. Upload an image of your holiday treats to the Rice Krispies website.

It’s that simple! For every treat image uploaded to the site, a toy will be donated to a child in need.

I LOVE this program! What a simple and fun way to make a contribution this holiday season? Check out #TreatsforToys on social media for a look at some of the awesome submissions.


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