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Reduce Stress with One Thought

Reduce Stress with One Thought, stress, one thought, stressful, significant other

Being in a healthy relationship can bring you so much joy and happiness. I know firsthand! Being with the one you love can help you overcome moments of difficulty, illness, and stress. Recent studies have found that those in romantic relationships have to do one thing in order to release stress.

Reduce Stress with One Thought

Recently, a team of psychologists from the University of Arizona in Tucson conducted a study that suggests that being in the presence of your partner can help you cope with stress and that, more intriguing still, even just thinking about your significant other can have the same positive effects.

That’s all it takes is one thought to feel more relaxed in moments of stress. Your loved one is your support system so even when that special someone isn’t around, you know you’re supported and loved, and that makes life all the better. This study proves the importance of relationships and their effects on our lives.

JR is my rock, so when difficult moments hit I turn to him and he turns to me. We love each other fiercely and are still happy after so much time. Thank you, JR for being the person who gets me through life. I love you!

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