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Reasons Your Period Is Late (That Exclude Pregnancy)

So, your period’s late! It happens to all women at some point or another. If you’re expecting, that’s great! If you’re not there yet, then you’ve probably already taken measures to find out whether or not you’re expecting. If it turns out, you’re not pregnant, not to worry! There are plenty of reasons as to why your period’s late! Read on to learn more!

Reasons Your Period Is Late (That Exclude Pregnancy )

Birth Control Method- A missed period is a side-effect to a hormonal contraceptive so be sure to ready the fine print before you start a new birth control!

Extreme Workout- You don’t have to be training for the Olympics to experience female athlete triad. It can affect any woman out there no matter the size or shape. How much is too much? Well it depends on you and your body. If you find yourself missing periods then maybe it’s time to scale back on the workouts.

Stress- Feeling the physical effects of stress can weigh on anyone. For women it can lead to a missed period. Consider taking a day off and focusing on relaxing. You deserve it.

You’re in Perimenopause- Perimenopause is that between peak fertility and full-on menopause. It starts earlier than you think! An irregular period or missed period is a sign you’re headed to menopause. If you missed your period and find you have intense PMS symptoms you’re in Perimenopause.


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