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Reasons to Stay In

Going out is great. You get to enjoy some drinks with friends or happy hour with co-workers. You always have a good time. Yet, sometimes it’s nice to stay in. I know the appeal of happy hour is big, but sometimes you just have got to put your foot down. Letting out a solid “no,” when your friends ask you out is okay. You’re allowed to stay in and enjoy some time to yourself. Below I’m going to be highlighting some of the reasons why you should stay in! Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments section.


Catch Up On Your Shows- You’re a busy woman and sometimes staying home and binge watching that new Netflix series just isn’t an option. When you opt out and decide to stay in for the night, you can do what you want, which includes catching up on your shows that you so sorely miss.

Make It A Pamper Night- Make that decision to stay in. That way, you can have sometime for yourself. Enjoy a relaxing night in. Use that bath bomb you’ve been dying to try. That new facemask is calling your name!

Get Things Done- When you stay in, you get things done. You can work on that novel you’ve been meaning to pen or just work out some errands. You get the space to work on what you really need to work on. Time is all we’ve got, ladies.

Do Whatever You Want- Yup, staying in rather than going out gives you the chance to do whatever you so well please. Stay in and wear your PJs, order pizza, dance around in your underwear. The whole night is yours! Do whatever you want and enjoy yourself. This is your time.


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