Questions To Ask An Interviewee

So, you finally get to hire someone to give you a hand at the office. Either your own small business has grown and you’re ready to take on an employee or your boss has finally given you the go-ahead and the budget to add another person to your team. Regardless of the details, growing the team is a big deal. It feels great, the idea of added help is huge and it means one thing: you’re gaining momentum.

Once you have a slate of candidates lined up, it’s time to get to business with interviews, and while you definitely want to learn as much as you can about each potential employee, a job interview should not feel like an interrogation. Believe it or not – these candidates are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them. On both sides of the coin, stakes are high – job candidates want to be sure the company and the role is right for them, while you – as the employer want to be sure this new person can get the job done and fit in with the company culture. If you want to be sure you’re both on the same page (interviewer and interviewee), keep reading for a look at questions to ask your interviewee at a job interview.

#1. Explain how the job has evolved over time. How he or she you plan to take the role to the next level?  —-This will help you determine if the candidate is looking for a role with ample growth potential or hoping to stay on the same track for quite a while.

#2. Describe your current role at your current employer (or the last position held). What are your favorite parts of that role? Why?

-This question will give you a good idea of the candidate’s strengths and passions.

#3. What steps would you take to succeed in this position?

-This will help give you a better understanding at how this candidate views success and achievements.

#4. What do you see as the qualities of an effective supervisory or management team?

-This type of question helps determine if this candidate will fit well into the management style of you and your current team.

#5. How do you see collaboration playing a role in your next position? How do you collaborate in your current role?

-This will help give you a good understanding as to whether or not this candidate likes to operate solo or is more of a team player.

#5. What is your top priority for your own career development over the next 3-5 years?

-A question like this will help determine if this candidate is on a major growth track or is looking for something more steady and routine.

Asking thought-provoking questions like the ones above seems to help get to know potential candidates and forces them to have to think strategically about their answers. Have you ever interviewed someone? What types of questions did you ask?



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