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Organization tips for the new year

It’s that time of year when we think of purging our belongings and reorganizing every single cabinet, closet, and cluttered space in our home.  We want to start fresh and new come January.  Maybe organization is a long term goal or resolution for the new year.  To kick off the new year in the best shape possible, getting (and keeping!) our “stuff” in order is key.  Whether that “stuff” means clothing, random papers, toys, or furniture, if it’s piling up in your personal space your mind will not function to the best of its ability.  Be at peace and make sure your house, car, and office reflect that.

Here, 5 useful organization tips in 2012:

1. Go through each space and separate its content into piles.  Trash, donate, storage, or keep.
2. Only keep what has been used in the last year!  If you haven’t bothered with that DVD, those pair of shoes or that kitchen gadget since 2009, it’s time to say goodbye.
3. Check out IKEA or Target for chic storage bins and office supplies to keep every room in order.  If you have a place for it to go, you’re more likely to put it away!
4. If your closets intimidate you, ask for help.  Bring in a professional to build a functional space – a great investment!
5. Whatever you don’t trash, donate, store, or keep, think about selling.  Craigslist and Facebook are incredible tools or you can even get your neighbors together for an old fashioned garage sale.



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