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My dear friend Kim Kardashian attends our 2010 Market America International Convention

I was so excited to see one of my closest friends .com” mce_href=””>Kim Kardashian on stage during our 2010 Market America Convention in Greensboro, NC. She arrived early Saturday morning to greet fans, walk the concourse with us and to go on stage to speak to a sold out crowd of 25,000 entrepreneurs about social media and our Paid to Shop program. Kim is an awesome and loving friend, I can’t believe she only came in for one day to show her support, she is amazing! Later on she tweeted “I am inspired thanks to @jrridinger and @lorenridinger” . I am very blessed to have a friend like Kim, not only did she go on stage but she took the time to greet and meet some of her most loyal fans at our convention. We love you Kim!

With Kim Kardashian, my daughter Amber Ridinger and singer Duane Mclaughlin

Kim Kardashian and I walking the concourse with my husband JR Ridinger and my brother Marc Ashley rocking Loren Jewels

Kim Kardashian and I with a very special fan

With my dear friends Kim Kardashian, Larsa & Scottie Pippen

We had so much fun and I am so greatful for everyone who came out to support us! Looking forward to our 2011 World Conference in Miami!  A special thanks to Katrina Campins from the Campins Comopany, Kamal Hotchandani publisher of Haute Living Magazine, Tommy & Michelle Pooch, Nikki Novo, Nicolas Vallejo, Rob Sheppy, Scottie and Larsa Pippen, Angelo Pagan and to all of our fans and distributors who made this event happen!

Want to see more photos and behind the scenes from our 2010 Convention visit my photos section.  Send me a tweet @lorenridinger I want to know if you will be attending our 2011 World Conference in Miami!


Love Loren


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