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8 Modern New Year’s Traditions

Modern New Year's Traditions | Loren's World

There is no doubt that celebrating the arrival of the New Year is one of the best (and most fun!) traditions around. Whether you’re traditions include getting all decked out for a night on the town or you love to keep it cozy at home, ringing in the New Year is always an exciting time. Similarly, the next day – laying low with lots of movies and snacks or cooking a big feast to kick off another year, a fresh start always feels pretty amazing. For some families the traditions run pretty deep, and for others starting a new tradition year after year is where it’s at. No matter what your preference, here’s a look at some modern holiday traditions for New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day – perhaps you’ll find some inspiration to help you and your loved ones ring in 2016!

Modern New Year's Traditions | Loren's World

8 Modern New Year’s Traditions

#1. Cozying up, fireside. Ringing in the New Year cuddled up with your favorite person is one of the best ways to start things off right. You have the person you love by your side, quality time together, some great eats – and really what could make you happier. Bringing out the romance on day one of the New Year is a pretty spectacular way to kick things off.

#2. Having a champagne toast at midnight. Champagne is always a good idea. And sharing it with friends or that very special someone is always a lovely way to toast to the year ahead (and having survived the one behind!). Pick your favorite bottle of bubbly and have it in hand to pop once the clock strikes 12:00 a.m. for a very festive welcome to 2016.

#3. Eating 12 grapes at midnight. In some cultures, it is believed that if you eat twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight (one for each month of the year) you will have good luck in each month. The trick is to eat the grapes within the first minute of the new year. Think you’re up for the challenge?

#4. Getting decked out in your fanciest look and heading to a party. If you like to spend New Year’s Eve out on the town, there’s nothing better than getting an invite to a party. Especially if getting dressed up is part of the fun. There’s no better night for glitz and glam – and maybe you’ll have that midnight kiss of your dreams! Could be totally amazing…..

#5. Cooking a huge and festive meal for family and friends is also a great tradition – and one that people will truly look forward to year after year. If cooking is your thing, what better night of the year than the last one to show off your skills and feed your family and friends. Might be fun to get totally fancy at home – with a candlelight dinner and some delicious bubbly to add to the meal.

#6. Heading to a restaurant to indulge in some delicious eats – but letting someone else do all the work (and the cleanup!). Typically restaurants put out a pretty great spread for NYE – with a coursed out menu that makes it easy for everyone to find something they like. It’s definitely fun and easy to get into the spirit of the holiday with everyone around you ringing in midnight too – and why not splurge…it’s the last moments of the year. You deserve it!

#7. Having a cuddle up movie day at home. Spend New Year’s Day relaxing with your besties and a big pile of your favorite DVDs. Break out the best movie snacks too – popcorn and hot cocoa – for a cozy day hanging out at home.

#8. Taking a polar plunge. Around the country and the world, people love to ring in the New Year by stripping down to a swimsuit (despite the freezing temps!) and running into the ocean or a lake. It’s so much fun and will make day one of the New Year a day you won’t soon forget. Follow that up with a fabulous New Year’s Day brunch and you have one really fun tradition on your hands!

How do you ring in the New Year? Do you have an annual tradition?


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