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Long Distance to One Roof: 5 Tips for Moving In Together


So you’ve arrived at that next step – taking your long-distance romance to sharing the same house. You’re so thrilled, but you know living together is going to be a challenge. From dish-duty to walking the dog, not everything will be perfect. Here’s a few things to consider while you get ready to meld your lives under one roof.


Long-Distance to One Roof: 5 Tips for Moving In Together

  1. Have a talk; a big one. Going from long-distance dating to living together is a pretty big step and don’t be shy about insisting that you define the relationship. Boundaries are going to be important.
  2. Have adventures together. Traveling as a couple will add some excitement and get you both out of your joint home.
  3. Remember that you’re both going to need some space. When you’re used to living alone and dating long-distance, you have space – all the space you need. It’s going to get a little cramped, so set time aside for yourselves.
  4. Split up the non-romantic stuff, like household duties. You don’t want to end up resentful of who’s doing more, so share the responsibilities right from the start.
  5. Keep the romance alive. Now that you’re living together, you may be tempted to stay home and skip out on dates – don’t fall into that trap, continue to be creative about time together.

Have you recently taken your long-distance relationship to one roof?


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