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Key Tips for Planning More Success and Abundance in Your Life

I recently had the chance to enjoy a little peace and relaxation in my Bahamas home, a place I like to call my sanctuary with the all-white décor and the sand that stretches to my door. There’s no better place to reflect on this life and all of its beautiful gifts. The fruits of my labor are here before me. And it’s hard not to feel inspired and grateful.

As I was reflecting, I felt motivated to share with you some of the thought practices that work for me when I’m hoping to achieve something – and some of the practices that brought me to this very place. I truly hope it inspires you to do the same and go after the life you’ve been dreaming about. Time to dream out loud. Ready? Read on.

Loren Ridinger 2016
It’s better in the Bahamas.
How to Plan for More Success & Abundance in Your Life

Visualize – Do a little daydreaming. It’s incredible how much will be revealed to you if you just give yourself a little time to be quiet, still, and focused. Mediate if you must. But do dream big. Always. It will give you something big to shoot for.

Be Specific – After your daydreaming session (or sessions – step 1 is always so much fun!) write out in specific details the things you want to accomplish. Do you want to have your own makeup line of cruelty-free products? Do you hope to own a home with three bedrooms and a large yard? Write down every detail until you can all but see it in front of you.

Plan – Now that you have your vision and desires in place, it’s time to plan how you will make it all a reality. As the saying goes, “don’t call it a dream, call it a plan.” I truly believe that. Dream it, be it. Outline the steps you will take towards your dreams. Every single dream begins with a single step.

Take Action – Give fear the backseat. If you are truly ready to make things happen for you, fear has no place in the equation. Instead, take steps towards your goals (even if they’re baby steps!) and get some momentum going. Things become easier as you start to take chances.

Allow – Let yourself reap the rewards. I can’t tell you how many times the fear of success or guilt of leaving friends behind has crushed the path towards success for many people. Honor yourself. Let yourself know you are worth this and absolutely deserve it.

Reflect – When it’s all in motion, give yourself time to reflect now and then. See the progress you’ve made. See where you can make improvements. Ask yourself where else you’d like to go. It’s all poetry in motion. You are the creator of your reality, the president of your life. You have the power to make things happen. But you must be clear on your direction.

Be Grateful – Don’t forget to be grateful for the things you have. The accomplishments you’ve enjoyed. The lessons you’ve learned from any failures along the way. It’s all part of the equation. This beautiful puzzle you’re putting together comes with all sorts of curves and jagged edges. Be grateful for it all. Take it all in and admire your creation.

Loren Ridinger 2016 Bahamas
Just having this moment. Reflecting on how everything is just as I worked for it to be. :). Filled w l??ve #happy #love.

Above all else, give yourself time to reflect. And don’t let fear get the best of you. Go get it. I believe in you. xoxo


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