Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Home Office

It’s often that I find myself in the office more than I do at home. In today’s working world, this isn’t uncommon that most women find themselves in the same situation. Because of this commonplace truth, we need have our arsenal on hand. We need things around the office that would be as precious to us if we were at home. Here’s my list of items that every woman should keep with her in the office. Check them out below. Do you have certain items that you keep with you in your office at all times? Let me know in the comments! shutterstock_265369007

Hand Sanitizer- You shake a lot of hands, and during flu season, things can get— well, sticky You’re computer is even full of questionable germs, despite the fact that you’re the only person that uses it. Keep hand sanitizer on you to avoid germs and sickness. You owe it to yourself.

Phone Charger- I find that my worst days are when I have my phone on extra low battery and remember I left my charger at home. The best thing to do to combat this was to buy another charger for the office. I use it all the time and my phone is always charged in case I need to contact JR to let him know I’m running late.

 Hair Ties and Bobby Pins- Your workday can get stressful, and sometimes, you just can’t handle having your hair down. It gets sweaty and uncomfortable, so keeping hair ties and bobby pins around to put your hair where it needs to be is extremely helpful.

 Water Bottle- How many times have I mentioned the importance of hydration? By this point, I’ve lost count. Keep a water bottle by your desk, and drink lots of water. It’ll give you an excuse to pass the desk of that office cutie you’ve had your eye on during trips to that bathroom or water fountain. Also, it’s just plain good for you!



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