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Inspirational Instagrams to Kick off Your Week

For me, Sunday is a day of reflection. I take time to relax, and enjoy the day, while also reflecting on the past week. I set up my to-do list and prepare myself mentally for everything the week ahead holds. Sunday is my time to reset. That’s why I enjoy checking out inspirational Instagram accounts. I get my weekly dose of inspiration so I’m able to start my week with a clear mind. Below are four of my favorite inspirational Instagrams. Give them a follow to check them out!

Inspirational Instagrams to Kick off Your Week



When something feels off, it’s generally a good indicator that something is off. Maybe you’re feeling less connected… maybe things just don’t feel the same anymore…maybe she stays out after work a little bit longer, or he uses three words to answer “how was your day?” Maybe your sex life has changed, and priorities have shifted. Whatever it is…when something feels off you need to pay attention to it. Something is shifting…some dynamic is changing. Sometimes it’s you and sometimes it’s the other person, but what’s most important is that a message is being sent (without using words) to communicate something. Too often we let the feeling sit and fester for way too long. We know something is up, but instead of voicing our concerns, we internalize what we’re feeling and then act out in some way. When something feels off we need to learn to communicate that. We need to have the courage to speak up and share. We need to ask questions. We need to make ourselves and the relationship a priority. We avoid instead of turning towards. Maybe we’re afraid the other person won’t listen…maybe we expect them to dismiss and reject what it is we’re saying…but honoring ourselves enough to share ourselves is so valuable. There is always a message that’s trying to be communicated. When something feels off, it’s because we’re not understanding that message. People don’t always know how to put that message into words…and therein lies the challenge. Look, we may not be perfect at it, but I encourage you to start somewhere. Try to put words to your message, before your behavior leads you down a road that is harder to come back from. When something feels off…talk about it. Share your message…or ask your partner about theirs. Create a safe environment where the priority is to understand. #mindfulmft _______________________________ LIVE Webinar THIS WEEKEND! grab your Relationship Mastery tickets now. Link in bio.

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