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How to Surrender for Clearer Manifesting

I know you. You’re trying to manifest your dream life and finding that nothing is happening. Your vibes are high, you’re journaling, meditating, trying to stay in the moment. So what’s the deal? I have a very important question for you: what comes up when you experience a negative emotion? Do you bottle it up until you feel like your going to explode? Do you harp on it until your friends tell you to stop being so negative?

Listen, I get it! Negative emotions are difficult to deal with. They come in waves leaving you feeling stressed or annoyed. You know the drill by this point when it comes to manifesting. It’s all about feeling good by thinking good feeling thoughts. So, what do you do when a negative emotion comes up?

You’re not going to like this one. As difficult as it feels, as hard as it is to try this: you’re going to have to surrender. Surrender to your negative emotion and let it go. Think about what it means to surrender. It means to give up. Give up the negative emotion. Let it go. Give up worry, stress, and frustration. Accept serenity, joy, and love. Doing this will make manifesting so much more fruitful. I know you have it in you!


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