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How To Let Go Of Your Inner Ego

Your ego can be a dangerous thing. Sometimes our egos take up big parts of ourselves to the point that it can become detrimental. The ego can keep us from living our truest lives. So what is “the ego,” exactly? The ego is that voice is your head. It’s the one that tells you you’re worthless. It makes you feel self-conscious when you feel like you’ve messed up. It’s negative, it’s not honest and it’s totally not you! So how do we let go of that part of ourselves that makes us feel icky? Below are some tricks that might help.


Shut It Down- Sometimes it’s easy to let our ego go on a rampage, but when you can hear that negative voice start to make it’s way to your brain, stop it. Stop it by literally telling it to stop. You can say, “Shut up, ego! I release you.” Give it a name you find silly. Dress it up in a tacky outfit. Make your ego into something that you can easily let go of.

Push Your Shoulders Back- Let go of that voice in your head and then try your best to feel as confident as you can. Think Beyonce, or any sort of character that exudes confidence and radiance. Try your best to take on their attributes to help you feel better so you can move on with your day.

Go On With Your Life- Instead of harping on all those negative thoughts and feelings push them behind you! You’re amazing, girl and you deserve to live your life to the fullest and be happy. Accept that your ego is gone and try your best to feel good.


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