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How to Attract More Success

Success: most of us find ourselves wanting to achieve more of it, ready to take that next step. But that next step begins to elude us. It happens to the best of us. We know we want something more, we want to attract more success, but taking that leap is so tough. From being ready to become an entrepreneur and building your own business, to having dreams of accomplishing higher education to even feeling like it’s time to take a leap of faith and head out on an all new adventure, here’s a look at how to attract more success.

Loren Ridinger: How to Attract More Success Into Your Life

How to Attract More Success

Have the right mindset. Here’s the thing: being more successful, finding more opportunities and moving up in the world – it doesn’t simply land in ones lap. You have to be open to it, be ready to do the work and live in such a way that you know you’re ready to get after it. It’s not going to be easy or simple. You may have some long days and late nights, you may have to sacrifice a vacation or two in the beginning or even live a bit more frugally, there might be times when you’re ready to quit and give up – you’ll have to dig deep to keep going. But you know what? If you’re in that mindset, if your eyes are on the prize – you can do anything.

Surround yourself with likeminded people. It’s amazing how your surroundings can help you achieve goals. Think about it, if you’re out at a party with friends and everyone is having a few glasses of wine or eating unhealthy food – the likelihood is, you will too. If you’re at a yoga retreat all weekend long, surrounded by people who are exercising and enjoying whole foods like fresh veggies and fruits – you will too. It’s all a matter of your surroundings. You want to achieve additional success in life and work hard and smart to get there, surround yourself by friends, family and coworkers who want the same thing.

Loren JR Amber

Write down your goals, dreams and passions. It’s amazing what happens when you write something down – it virtually comes to life. By spending the time to map out and write down what you want to accomplish and where you see your life headed you’re one step ahead and you know exactly what you need to do to get there. Think of it this way: when you write down your goals and dreams you can also think of it as a contract with yourself – aligning everything you have on your mind with an actual outline for your next steps.

Understand your why. Knowing and having a complete understanding in regard to the how and why behind the goals you have set for yourself is an absolute must when it comes to taking next steps. Knowing the why is an incredible driving force for putting your head down and doing the hard work to get ahead. When you know why you’re chasing a dream, you have that much more incentive to get there – and ultimately that means you won’t let that dream die until you achieve it.

Loren and JR Loren Ridinger JR Ridinger MAWC 2016 Day 2

Seek out mentors. There are going to be questions along the way. You’re marching into unknown territory, headed down a new path to achieve something out of your comfort zone and completely different than what you’re used to. What better way to achieve those goals than having someone you can reach out to for guidance and a little help when you just aren’t sure what step to take next. Mentors are great for both sharing their own experiences and lessons learned and bouncing off ideas when brainstorming. Mentors can help you set milestones for goals and won’t be shy about giving you honest feedback – essential for getting to that next level.

So what do you think? If you make sure all these pieces are in place, attracting more success seems pretty doable, right?


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