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How to Admit You’re Wrong

How to Admit You’re Wrong

Do you know how to admit you’re wrong? Many of us do not for the simple fact that our pride will not allow us to. We would rather know that we were at fault but allow time to erase the memory instead of apologizing. The hardest two words for so many of us to say is “I’m sorry.” Why? If the shoe of defense was on the other foot, we would feel that we were owed the acknowledgment of the other person’s wrong doing. Why should we be exempt from the same concept? When you know how to admit you’re wrong, it shows you are a person who can be trusted.

No one likes to be around a loved one, friend or co-worker who feels that they do no wrong. The relationship becomes draining and taxing. If there was an offense committed, a simple apology will quickly clear the air. Why allow things to linger because of pride? Why risk losing a friendship because you of a lack of compassion? Just place your feelings and emotions in the shoes of the other person. You would feel hurt, betrayed and saddened that the individual did not feel that you were worth an apology.

Think about it. Admit that you were wrong so that the air can clear. Learn how to admit you’re wrong. Life is way to short to allow pride to have full control of your actions!


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