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Have You Heard of Slow Dating?

Have You Heard of Slow Dating?, slow dating, dating, single, relationships, life

I know so many friends and family members who are on dating apps. I think it’s great that people are using new age technology to meet in such unique ways but I find a lot of my single friends complaining. They’re annoyed of how quickly things move in the dating world. It feels fake to a lot of them. According to them, you don’t meet quality people, either. It’s either instant gratification or instant rejection.

Apps like Hinge and Once are taking on a difference approach. Rather than the swipe right-left algorithm made popular by Tinder, they’re trying the newest wave of online dating—slow dating.

So what’s slow dating? It’s less about meeting people the old fashion way and more about taking a thoughtful approach to the app formula of dating. People want to make more meaningful connections without sacrificing the momentum involved in app dating.

Slow dating is bringing connection, and closeness by cutting through the small talk and going for the big picture of what users are looking for. Using specialized questions and unique algorithms, these apps are taking out the pressure and expectations and putting in real connections.

People are wanting to learn more about each other’s values and character, and dating apps and websites are starting to cater to that desire. It’s for the dater who knows what he or she wants. It’s about having the space to learn about yourself and someone else along with each other’s wants and needs.

Have you tried slow dating on apps like Hinge? Has it worked for you? Let me know in the comments or tweet me @lorenridinger.


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