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Five Things Every Woman Should Know by 40

5 Things Every Woman Should Know by 40 | Loren's World

Have you ever noticed that at each stage of your life you seem to master certain life skills? Most comes from general experience – you’ve been there; done that. And, many of the skills are just little tricks you’ve picked up along the way. From handling your relationships – whether family, friends or romance, to work, to getting your career on track to how to manage your personal finances to knowing what works for you when it comes to beauty. No matter what, you’ve got a few things down – and that’s what matters. If you’re nearing that milestone (or just want a refresher), here are five things every woman should know by 40.

5 Things Every Woman Should Know by 40 | Loren's World


1 – How to get what you need out of a romantic relationship. By 40 it’s time to realize that this is about you too – especially when it comes to having a little fun under the sheets. By now, you know what you want, what you need and how to get it – so why mess around in a relationship that isn’t fulfilling? Let your hair down, let your partner know what you need and go after it!

2 – How to spot someone who will make a good new friend. By 40 you already have a lot of friends – or in some cases you have a small group of very close friends. You’ve learned what makes a friendship tick and you know exactly what drives you bonkers in a friendship and what you love about certain friendship. But, you can also tell from a mile away when you meet someone new if he or she is someone you’d like to get to know better. Call it intuition perhaps?

3 – How to get through a company cocktail party doing the exact right amount of networking. Some of us never learn to love the work party – and, you know what – that is OK. For many people working the room of a company cocktail party is a lot of work. And, when you’re younger – it’s also horribly intimidating. Over time (and after many parties) you have it down. You get in, make your acquaintances and get out exactly when you find the right moment to slip away. This one is an art!

4 – How to pay attention to the stuff that matters and let the small stuff roll right off your back. This is a big one – and is a skill many ladies in their 20’s and 30’s can’t wait to master, but life experience is where it’s at with this one. You’ve seen things, tackled challenges and have had big life curve balls thrown your way – at this point in the road, you know exactly what’s important to you and exactly what won’t ruffle your feathers.

5 – How to be a great listener. There comes a point when everyone experiences something that requires them to finally listen and listen well. It might be at a crossroads in a friendship or a romantic relationship, it might be when a loved one is very ill or it could be a result of raising children and helping them get through their teenage years, however you came to this point – you finally know when to stop talking. This is a masterful skill – and a quality many will appreciate about you – so cherish this one and keep it well-practiced.

Are you in your 40’s? Do you feel like you’ve seen, heard or mastered many of these skills? Which ones are you still working on?


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