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Fashion Trucks? Mobile Boutiques Popping Up Everywhere


We have all been following the food truck craze that’s hit our nation by storm. Food trucks with gourmet fare can be found it so many cities – large and small – and people love them. It wasn’t until recently that quick bites and fashion morphed; mobile fashion boutiques have started popping up everywhere! Have you heard of this awesome idea? Aspiring fashion entrepreneurs have taken on the same tactics as food truck owners for low capital, super cool shops. Fashion trucks are in the spotlight right now but do you think that mobile boutiques are the next wave in fashion of the future?

Fashion Trucks? Mobile Boutiques Popping Up Everywhere

Le Fashion Truck Store


Fashion truck owners see a huge opportunity to set up shop in different areas around their respective cities – bringing the fashion a little closer to you! Just like the food truck scene, you can follow the fashion truck boutiques to find out where they’ve set up shop each day. According to CNN, “Most mobile retail trucks sell Etsy-type clothing and crafts; some offer shoes, records.”

How cool! Not only are these shops incredibly fun, but they are a genius idea for new designers, stylists or entrepreneurs who don’t have a lot of start-up capital. What do you think – could you shop in a mobile boutique?



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