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Family Day: Dinosaur Park

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Anyone else already set for the weekend? I know I am! Especially after last weekend where we spent some time at Field Station Dinosaur Park in New Jersey. It’s a park full of life size animatronic dinosaurs and  just a jump out of the city. The whole family joined us as we explored this interactive park. The kids enjoyed checking out the dinos, exhibitions, and games while we enjoyed seeing the joy on their faces. Yup, they had a blast. Below are some videos from our day out! Check them out to relive the fun alongside with me. Can’t wait for next weekend’s adventure!

Family Day: Dinosaur Park

Ayden is such a smart kid. He knew the names of so many of the dinosaurs. His curious mind continues to amaze me. He loves to learn and play. I hope that continues as he grows up.

Ayva is growing into a strong little girl. She asked me if she could go and touch the dinosaur! It may have been fake, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t look intimidating. I was amazed. The girl is fearless. She encourages me to try the things that scare me. I love these kids.

Mimi. Can I go to the rhino? Lol. My princess Ayva. ❤️❤️❤️ Sunday funday with my babies.

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We learned a lot right with these little guys. Thanks for being the light of my life. Mimi and pop pop loves you dearly. xoxo

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