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The Essential Date Night: Why Every Longterm Couple Needs One


If you’re anything like me or any other working or busy mom out there, sometimes date night falls by the wayside. We get busy – we just do. It’s sort of a way of life. Work has this way of creeping up, taking over and suddenly you’re so busy you’re not even sure how you’ll have time to make dinner, let alone schedule date night. It’s tough, I know. But, here’s the thing: once you let that special time go, it’s tough to get it back. And, having time alone, away from the kids or away from the pressures of work is essential for making every long term relationship last.

JR_and_Loren_Ridinger | 9 Fresh Date Night Ideas for Long Married Couples | Loren's World

Think about it for a moment: when you got together, you didn’t have kids, your careers were probably completely different and the demands of life just weren’t the same. But, you got together because you liked one another, enjoyed spending time together and eventually you fell in love. It may not have all happened in that same order for everyone – but the bottom line – you wanted to spend time together. Remove that from the equation and things get tough. Whether or not you have kids, pets or demanding careers, here’s a few ways to make the most of date night.

Find the romance. Many couples go through times when this is tough. Life takes over and you feel like roommates more than anything, but date night will bring it back. Heading out on the town or even a date night in means spending time with your honey and giving him or her the attention he or she needs to feel that sense of romantic love. If that means getting dressed up to hit the town, then go for it. If it’s a burger and beers – perfect. If it’s a stay home and have a picnic in front of the fireplace, then get to it. It’s whatever works for you and your relationship, but make it happen.


Focus on one another. This is not a time to stress about the kiddos, get house projects done or even work on your taxes – it’s simply time to be together. Leave the stressful stuff behind, even if just for an hour and gaze into each others eyes, talk about your day and give one another the positive reinforcement you often forget when you’re so busy. Just be. Let it all go and have fun while you’re at it.

Enjoy the time. There’s really nothing better than a date night that’s just fun. And, if you don’t want to get all dressed up and head to a fancy restaurant – you don’t have to! Just because it’s date night doesn’t mean there’s rules to follow. You make the rules – and if that means heading out to do something totally off the wall and fun, then go for it! Perhaps something as simple as hitting the roller skating rink or renting a paddleboat at a local lake and having a picnic lunch afterward. Whatever it is, fun and laughter keeps romance alive – so let yourselves relax and just enjoy the time.

Loren and JR Ridinger in Japan 2015

Have you tried to make date night a priority with your partner? Have you found that it helps keep the flame alive and the romance hot when you take time each week to be alone and have some fun?


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