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Educational Games for Your Brain

Educational Games for Your Brain | Loren's World

While the brain is technically an organ, it works very much like a muscle: if you flex it, it gets stronger. One of the greatest ways to stay sharp and nimble is to play games that test and strengthen your brain, just like when you were playing and learning in school. To keep us all feeling mentally agile, I’ve put together a few fun ways to stretch that brain with a few options for kids, too. Test yourself and see how well you do!

Educational Games for Your Brain | Loren's World

Educational Games for Your Brain

For Adults:

Fit BrainsFit Brains by Rosetta Stone will challenge your brain to enhance your memory, focus and speed with programs specially designed by neuroscientists.

LumosityLumosity personalizes brain training programs based on your selected goals. The web-based program can train memory and attention and allows you to track your progress.


For Kids:

Fun BrainFun Brain has games, arcades, books and comics for kids to explore while teaching them about subjects like math and reading.

Fuel the BrainFuel the Brain has games, printables, and even teacher guides for various subjects, including algebraic thinking.


Have you tried any of these brain-building sites? What do you think? Do they work as well as they say they do?


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