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Could THIS Be the Technique to Solve All Your Self Esteem Issues?

Marisa Peer is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, and leading celebrity therapist. She’s helped some of the biggest names, and as a speaker, she’s sharing her insight with you. Marisa spoke at the Awesomeness Fest in LA last year and brought up some of the ways she’s helped her clients with self esteem issues. According to her, it’s all about believing and repeating this one phrase. Check out the video below.

Could THIS Be the Technique to Solve All Your Self Esteem Issues?

Your parents and family members did their best to raise you but they might have made you feel unworthy in certain aspects. No one knows the right way to love you but you and that’s why reminding yourself that you’re enough is so important.

All it takes is one phrase: “I am enough.” Remind yourself over and over again. Text yourself, say it to yourself in the mirror, and believe it. It’s a step toward self-love and improving your self-esteem.

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