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Why You Might Want to Consider Practicing Abstinence

Singles: Consider Practicing Abstinence this Year

We’re living in a time where discussing sexuality, whether male, female, gay, straight, etc. is part of everyday life. I love it, especially for women. Women, now more than ever, are opening up about their experiences, talking about what they want, and what they won’t stand for any longer. It’s a time where women feel comfortable seeking pleasure in ways that are empowering. I’m all for it!

Singles: Consider Practicing Abstinence this Year

There’s something I want to bring up to all you single ladies out there! I want you to think of the last time you were intimate with someone. Maybe it was a one-night-stand or someone you’ve been talking to for a bit, but it didn’t turn into anything. Sex can leave you on a high, so it was probably a great experience, but once time set in, did you find yourself feeling a little down and out?

In every interaction we find ourselves in, from that one-night-stand to the Uber Eats delivery person, we’re exchanging energy. Since sex is such a powerful act, you tend to absorb the energy of the other person. Let’s say this person is a slob who doesn’t really like themselves, you take little pieces of that energy with you after an interaction.

I’m not suggesting that you practice abstinence this year. I just want you to consider having sex with people who truly appreciate and love you. If you haven’t met your soulmate or someone who just loves beyond measure, let’s just say it’s a special experience.

If you’re looking to up your vibes this 2020, then consider waiting it out for someone who matters, someone who meets you where you’re at. Remember, you’re a person of high value. You don’t need to stoop down to anyone’s level.


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