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Choosing Positive Thinking

The way I look at it is, our minds present two general types
of thoughts: negative and positive. This is a really general way to look at all
the many chatter that goes on our head, but by putting them into two categories
it’s easier for me to keep myself on track. Some people that are scared and
threatened may think that people who choose positive thoughts are naïve. Well,
I believe the choice to be positive is simply a survival skill.

The hardest part about being positive is making the choice
to be so. Negative thoughts like being jealous, judgmental, self-pitty, etc.
are actually a lot easier to hold on to than actually making the effort to be
positive. A lot of the time, we create this drama in our minds. It doesn’t even
really exist!

If you ever feel like things aren’t going your way, take a
moment to look inward. Ask yourself what thoughts are choosing at the moment?
Are there more positive thoughts you can pick from? Connect with the loving
thoughts and toss those fearful thoughts away. It takes practice, but once you
understand how to curate your thoughts, you’ll see that you are in control of
your happiness.

And once you decide that you’re only picking the happy
thoughts and releasing the lazy, negative thoughts, you’ll see that your “luck”
will start to change for the better. You attract what you choose to believe in.
You are in control of your destiny when you stop allowing negativity to take
over. Remember, your mind does not control you; you control it.




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