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“Breakdowns to Breakthroughs” by Loren Ridinger

Loren Ridinger: Start Designing Your Life

From breakdowns to breakthroughs, everybody’s got a story. Failure is not a deterrent of success, it’s part of the journey towards it. On the third day of MAIC 2016, I told you mine. I used to shake like a leaf and even once fainted while trying to deliver a presentation in front of a small room of about 20 people. I thought that would be the end of my attempts at public speaking. But JR just looked at me as I opened my eyes again, told someone to get me a glass of water, and said I was ready to go again.

It was the best thing he could have done for me. Because look at me now. I live to share my experiences with others and hope to inspire as many people as I can. What good is your joy and success if you don’t share it with anyone? If you’re ready to have your own breakthrough, I hope you’ll read this post and watch my presentation at MAIC. I believe you’ve got it in you. You just need to keep pushing through.

Loren MAIC 2016

“Breakdowns to Breakthroughs” by Loren Ridinger

“Don’t ever settle for where you’re at. Someone is always watching you.”

“Maybe things haven’t been easy but we are here to make it better by celebrating each other. Always celebrate the ones who are inspired to stand up. You don’t know their story.”

“Helen Keller once said the only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision. Many of us have sight but we take it for granted. We have limited thinking. We might as well be blind because we are doing nothing with our vision.”

“You can’t fix something from the same consciousness that created it. Don’t look for joy in the same place you lost it.”

“Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.”

“What do you want? Why are you alive? What are you willing to die for? When you figure that out, that’s what will make a change in your life.”

“The staircase to success has steps. You can’t skip the steps if you want to succeed. Nobody can. You will not be the first.”

“What it took to get to this stage is the work. You can’t skip steps to success.

“What is your drive, your passion?”

“The subconscious mind figures out how to get what it wants. But first, you have to define it. What do you want?”

“Forget about how long you’ve been wanting this. Forget about your age. Take action. Let today be your first day.”

“Breakdowns can create breakthroughs. In order to have a breakthrough, you need to have a breakdown.”

“You have to mess up sometimes to grow. And we all need to grow.”

“Failure is a part of success. There is no straight road to success.”

“JR and I went through a lot of breakdowns to have breakthroughs. We didn’t have money when we started. We shared one jacket, one car, and ate at the Wendy’s salad bar on date nights. But we had a vision. And we treated it like a million dollar company when it was barely making a thousand dollars.”

“We had passion and nothing was going to stop us from achieving our goals.”

“You are the only one who can change your life. Put a plan into action.”

“The thing is, don’t quit because progress isn’t happening on your timeline. Things don’t always happen on our timeline.”

“Many of us just don’t have the vision. When opportunity knocks you have to pay attention.”

“People often ask me, ‘Did you ever think you’d be here today?’ And I always tell them that I never stopped to think. I just kept going.”

“If you’re wondering, ‘Do things like that really happen to people who have breakdowns?’ We are living proof.”

“Any time things fail they fail for a reason. God is always there to pick you back up.”

“Nothing will stop you if you train your brain and surround yourself with people who matter.”

“You must have boundaries. No negative people in your life. Don’t spend money you don’t have to buy things you don’t need to impress people you don’t like. Don’t waste your time.”

“Sometimes it takes the heart longer to understand what the mind already knows.”

“What if we fed off each other’s greatness instead of our weaknesses?”

“Distance creates distortion and the only thing between it is communication. If there’s no communication things fall apart.”

“You were born to be great. Accept that.”

“Stop making excuses. Dust yourself off and keep going. It’s your job to make yourself happy.”

“Do something while you’re living. Do it now.”

You can watch my full presentation in this video:


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