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Ayden’s 4th Birthday Celebration

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Our little man is four! Yesterday was Ayden’s birthday. I’m so happy to have been able to celebrate with the family. Family is most important, so to be able to celebrate the little ones sincerely makes my life sweeter. Amber and Duane held a simple party at their house in New York City, complete with piñata, birthday balloons, and lots of love. Ayden had a great time, especially with the piñata. He was the first to give it a whack. Check it out below on JR’s Instagram.

Ayden’s 4th Birthday Celebration

We made sure to give Ayden lots of love. Just check out the Instagram posts full of sweet messages. We love you so much, Ayden!

All I can say is Ditto! Ayden is my little man and I learn more from him than he does from me and he is brilliant and going to be something great- whatever he wants because he is passionate about whatever he does. How MUCH do I LOVE you Ayden? POP pop ! #Repost @lorenridinger ・・・ Of all the things that have been said- and all the things I have been called – my favorite word to hear is Mimi (grandma) 3 amazing beautiful babies who have changed my life! Ayden,Ayva, Aydrien! Ayden today is your birthday – and in many ways it’s mine, because the day you were born changed my life forever. My first- such a magical moment! The moment you came into the world, you changed mine! Every moment with you is a treasure of smiles, laughter, sneaking candy together, playing animals, telling stories to each other – you my love are everything. The definition of love- you are the moon and the stars. There is nothing you can’t do! Today on your 4th birthday I wish you only smiles, happiness, love and confidence always. Because it is all you give in return. I love u. Thank u for being my best friend. The little one who always makes me smile and laugh and can turn a bad day into something bright! You are magical! Never stop being you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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unconditional love.

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To many more birthdays, Ayden! We love you.


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