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Am I Deserving?

I get this question more often than not: Who am I to deserve happiness.If you want it enough, you deserve it. It’s as simple as that.

Having the desire makes you worthy. We are all born with the right to all the success and happiness in the world. What happens is we get in our own way by believing these self-made beliefs that are not pure. We tend to believe that we have to work super hard just to deserve what we want. No, we do not have to work hard to deserve. We work hard to accomplish the things we already deserve. Do you see the difference in those statements? The first, suggest someone has to grant us the right. While the second, suggest we are in charge—it’s there, we just have to grab it. Know the difference between the two.

Now, people with entitlement issues are a totally different animal. People that feel entitled don’t really desire the finish product as much as they should. They don’t care to put the work, which means they don’t want so bad.

You deserve because you desire enough. Whether you receive depends on how much you want it. But always know that anything is within your reach. You are worthy because you are here.





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