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Affirmations​ to Get You Through Depression

You’d be surprised to find out about those in your circle who have experienced depression. It’s the ones you least expect—the friend on hand with a funny joke or a huge smile. We’re all going through our stuff. When I’m on stage during conferences, I talk about how you have to get through your depression and fight your demons in order to get to where you want to be. That takes inner work! Part of the inner work is being gentle on yourself so that means coping with your depression in different ways. I’m big on affirmations because they help retrain your subconscious in order to change your mindset and in turn, change your world. I was scrolling through Instagram when I came across this helpful illustration. Read on to find out what affirmations can help you during depressive moments.

Affirmations​ to Get You Through Depression

I take each day, hour, and minute one at a time.

I am capable of change.

I am worthy of healing and happiness.

It’s okay to ask for help.

I am not defined by my diagnosis.

This too shall pass.

Not all thoughts are true.

I am not a failure—one step at a time.

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