4 Ways to Simplify Your Life

When a New Year rolls around, most of us spend a lot of time talking about resolutions, new habits and big changed we’re going to make for the upcoming months. But, how about the notion of simply, keeping it simple? If you’re anything like me, figuring out ways to simplify life is often some of the best time spent. In other words, when I know I’m focused on the things that matter most rather than all of the hectic details, I feel pretty good. So rather than making some grand resolutions, let’s talk about dialing it back a notch and finding ways to stay focused on the important things like love, laughter and family. Here are four ways to simplify your life in 2017.

4 Ways to Simplify Your Life in 2017

#1. Clear the clutter. This is probably one of the most important things you can do for yourself. We all love having nice things, but sometimes those “things” start to take over. We end up with too many pairs of shoes, lots of magazines, books, pillows, too many products – you name it. And, our life, home and office feels crowded. So take some time to go room-by-room, closet-by-closet and drawer-by-drawer, giving everything a good, solid de-clutter. It will feel amazing and think of all the great stuff you’ll be able to donate to someone who really needs it. A win-win all around.

#2. Learn to say no. Sounds a bit harsh, maybe…but trust me on this, when you learn that you can’t do it all and that you don’t have to do it all, you’ll feel light as a feather. Everyone is constantly asking you to participate – at work, at your kids school, at church, in the neighborhood – you name it. And, while you may suffer from a case of FOMO, saying no feels pretty amazing every once in a while. There is nothing as rejuvenating as simply enjoying a little time at home – you don’t even have to do a thing, but take an hour to just be – you’ll enjoy every second of it. Learning to balance the things that are most meaningful, that you should truly participate in with the extras is the key to finding a place of calm.

Keeping things simple in the Bahamas.

#3. Just let it go. Many of us tend to hang on to moments just a little too long. We get frustrated with someone or annoyed about something and it digs away until it becomes all you can focus on. But, here’s the thing: you can’t change what other people do; you can change your reaction to situations. You can let it go. You can move on. You can say to yourself – that is wasted energy that’s cluttering my mind. When you learn to let go of the small stuff, you open your mind and heart to let in the positive, big stuff that will shape the course of your life. Focus on big, great things and learn to let the rest of it go.

#4. Take time off from tech. Life has changed so much in the past decade. We have become so reliant on our smartphones, connected watches, tablets, laptops etc…that we’ve almost forgotten how to live without it. Here’s the thing – you need time away from being connected. You mind needs time to process and a break from constantly taking in news, images, comments, negativity – all the “stuff” that tech and the internet provides. Make that your mission. One hour, each day + NO tech. Your life will feel more simple in an instant.

Are you looking to simplify this year? What will your first steps be?



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