4 Signs You’re An Outgoing Introvert

So you’re not exactly and introvert, but you aren’t entirely an extrovert. What does that mean? It probably means that you’re an outgoing introvert. You like being around people but you also need your alone time. Listen, that’s fine. Nothing can be all that black and white. We’re on a spectrum and you fall somewhere in between. Do you! If you feel like you fall somewhere in between, don’t sweat it. Check out the signs below and let me know in the comments if you, yourself are an outgoing introvert.


You Like Being Around People, It Just Depends Who- When you’re an outgoing introvert, you probably have trouble finding people that you like to be around. It’s not that you don’t like being around people, it just depends who it is. You can be in your head or you can be the life of the party. It’s just about who your surrounded by.

When You Find Your People, You Know- I have a close friend whose motto is “I take care of my people.” Sounds silly or like a joke, but when you’re an outgoing introvert, it makes sense that you’re fiercely loyal to those people who are—well, your people. You try hard to make other people comfortable, even in situations where you don’t feel as comfortable.

You Fight The System- You fight the system, in your own way, that is. We live in a world made for extroverts full of loud bars and crowded festivals. You counter act this system by doing your own thing. You believe that the educational system need a change and that society needs to focus on your needs.

 You’re Cool As A Cucumber- You’re probably very cool and relaxed. You can be the life of the party or just chill out for a while. It depends on the situation. This makes you well liked and the kind of person that is one-of-a-kind. You do things at your own time and that’s okay. You need time to warm up so you can either tell your life story in the first hour of meeting someone or in the first year. It’s all about your personality.



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