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4 More Ways to Let Go and Just Be

I often talk about letting things go here on Loren’s World. Whether it’s letting go of fear, anger or that inner ego, letting go of unhelpful habits and emotions is important. Letting yourself become completely committed to the present moment is something that takes work and that’s why I want to make sure you get it done. Let go of way more today by reading this post. Hopefully it will help you let go of that thing your holding onto.


Be Open to Growth- Be open to growth and change. Opening up to growth and change means you’re letting go of being stunted. You’re opening your heart up to new things and it’s important that you do in order to accept change.

Accept The Flow of Life- Accept life as it is. Take a deep breath and remember that the present is what you have. Reminding yourself of this will help you to let go of the past and all your ideas of the future. The present is what’s happening. The future is none of your business.

Be Willing to Process- In order to let go of certain aspects of our lives, we need to be willing to process certain things in our lives. We need to be open to feeling the pain in our lives. It’s something that’s scary for so many, but change is the only constant so you have to let yourself be vulnerable.

Be Kinder To Yourself- Learn to love yourself and accept self-compassion. Loving yourself will open so many doors and make you realize that you are worthy of a new life. You are worthy of good things, which means that you can let go of the bad.


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