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4 Important Things to Ask Your Future Spouse before Tying the Knot

You don’t want any surprises that can destroy your marriage. So, settle these four crucial issues before the wedding. This step should be part of your wedding planning. It takes finesse to initiate discussions regarding these topics to your fiancé. But since you know him and how best to broach these sensitive subjects, then you can successfully pick his mind and come to a resolution on how to deal with any potential disputes in the future.


Ask him how much debt he is currently carrying and how the debt was accrued. The latter is the most telling. It will tell you a lot of about his spending habits and his overall approach to money.

Your financial situation as a couple can greatly impact your long-term marriage satisfaction. It is best to get the big talk about money out of the way, so you can start mapping out your happy life together.


What if you don’t want to have children and he feels differently? It is important that both of you have come to an understanding regarding this potential deal breaker. And having children or not is an issue that should be raised before you tie the knot.


Does he want an open marriage but you are staunchly monogamous? Do you strongly value sexual fidelity? You and your fiancé should not have clashing opinions on what constitutes cheating. Otherwise, it can become a big problem.

Religious Beliefs

Do you come from families with strong religious ties, and if so, do you have opposing views that can become sources of endless arguments in the future? Are you open to having and raising a child with mixed religious and familial influences? Have these questions out in the open, most especially if both you and your fiancé belong to different religious affiliations with conflicting beliefs.


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