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4 Easy Ways to Stay on Track With Your Resolutions

By this time in the month, I know many of you are losing some of your motivation towards your resolutions. Once the nostalgia of the holidays wears off, the plans we make for the year ahead can easily start to wane. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I think I have mentioned in a few other posts how much I love the opportunity of a New Year. It’s an incredible chance to sit down, reflect and really take stock of where you’ve been, where you are today and where you’re going in the future. And it’s that very information that can keep you focused on what’s ahead. Do you want to stay where you’ve been? Probably not. Do you want to forge new paths ahead? That’s the plan, right?

Let’s look at the things you hope to accomplish this year through the lens of the past. And then, we’ll take that and plan ahead into more doable goals. Sound good? Read on for my quick guide to staying energized and motivated in the year ahead.

4 Easy Ways to Stay Motivated About Your Resolutions

#1. Think about everything you’ve accomplished in the years leading up to this point. There’s nothing as motivating as when you’re proud of the accomplishments you’ve had along the way. When you look back and think back to all of the challenges you’ve faced leading up to this point, you’re able to see just how determined you are – and that’s a wonderful gift! Be proud of where you’ve been and look at the months and years ahead as a chance to climb those mountains once more – bagging peaks is where it’s at for you this year!

#2. Break it down into small, achievable tasks. You’ve got big, lofty goals for yourself – and, that’s a great thing. But sometimes reaching for the stars can feel extremely overwhelming and the key is finding the stepping stones along the way. When you take a big job and break it down into smaller tasks – you can simply move down the list checking things off as each one is completed. As you fly through your to do list, you’ll be amazed at how motivated you are to keep it moving and the next thing you know, those big goals will be right before you.

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#3. Clear your head. Sometimes you have to take some time to yourself in order to sort through all of the noise and clutter running around in your mind. When you’re distracted by the many things that are overwhelming you, accomplishing goals and putting your mind to tasks can be very difficult. Even if you have a big to do list for the day, sometimes you simply have to walk away and spend some time taking a deep breath and clearing your thoughts. Yoga, meditation, going for a run or a walk in the brisk winter air – all great options for taking a moment to yourself – make this a priority every day.

#4. Make your health and fitness a priority. The mere mention of health and fitness may make you feel even more overwhelmed than you were initially, but trust me on this – when you’re fit and healthy you’ll feel so much better – about everything. Tasks that seem completely impossible, are suddenly so much easier to accomplish and the whole idea of getting fit is so much easier to tackle when you’re riding the high of exercise and healthy living. You’ll feel so much more energized and ready to take on 2017 when you put some of the focus back on your own health. If that wasn’t a resolution, I hope it is now. One small step makes a huge impact.

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Are you ready to stick to your goals and stay motivated all year long? With these tips, I know you can do it! Are we in this together?


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